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Iridium satellite phone devices are very versatile communication gadgets that can be used in any part of the world.

� This is because of their 66 global- spanning-network of satellites.

� Iridium satellite phones are larger than the popular cell phones but their benefits are worth the extra size.

� I am going to use this article to list some of iridium satellite phone communications’ wonderful features that makes them better choice communications devices in certain weather conditions.

Satellite Phones Exploration

Iridium satellite communication phones are resistant to dusty conditions water and shock

� This makes them best for rugged environments that are associated with dampness, dusty and rainy conditions.

� This feature makes these mobile phone devices highly durable.

� However, these phones need a direct line of an overhead satellite using the GSM dialing sequence.

An Iridium satellite phone has an adapter that allow it to receive and transmit data easily

� These satellite phones have an option for the addition of a headset, so that you can be able to do hands-free dialing just like any other phones.

� The latest models also come with mini USB data cable, port and speakerphone options.

The iridium gadgets utilises battery well

� The battery in your iridium satellite phone can last for about 30 hours and will allow you a talk time of 3.2 hours.

� The phones also can work in any season; whether it is winter or summer

� Its optimal working temperature range is between -10 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius.

Iridium satellite phones comes with many accessories

� These accessories include an international plug kit, an AC charger, hands free headset, DC travel charger, auxiliary antennae and adapter, a quick start guide and a holster.

Iridium satellite phones are available both for rental and purchase

� If you do an online search for these satellite phones, you will come across a big list of companies selling and renting them.

� This is because iridium satellite phones are only required for a short period of time, hence renting them for use is going to be a cheaper option than buying one.



� It is important to note that iridium satellite phones are the world’s perfect communication gadgets that combine worldwide connectivity with ragged construction.

� Iridium satellite phones are also perfect for individual and groups who are travelling to remote areas.

� These remote areas are normally dusty and damp; conditions that traditional mobile phones cannot withstand at all.

� This is the reason as to why  Milpeak satellite phones explorations are widely used in mining fields. Read more at http://www.milpeak.com.au.


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